‘Play football locally and get scouted globally’

This has been our vision at Juegofootball from the beginning of our journey. We have strived to be aligned with our core vision and make it possible for every young footballers irrespective of geography be discovered by top clubs, scouts and academies completely based on their performance and skill on the field. This year we have stepped into the next phase of our mission and took the app further ahead in simplifying and perfecting the talent discovery methodology using Ai. In the current technological phase in the industry where everything is made more efficient by collaborating with Ai we decided to take a mixed approach. Scouting in football always will need a direct hands on approach to understand a player. Their physical performance as well as mentality both are equally important to become successful in this very demanding sector.

We understand this perfectly after working closely with the clubs and academies at the grassroots levels for the past 3 years. At the same time we are strong believers in the efficiency of technology and clearly understand the advancement technology can bring in a process when rightly implemented along with our users and partners at the grassroots levels. With our new performance tracking feature this is exactly what we have done. We have seamlessly integrated our users performance tracking process on our app along with our inbuilt Ai algorithm to accurately understand and analyze a young footballers talent to help him be discovered by top clubs and kick of his professional football career with the best possible pathway.

Unleashing the Power of Performance Data

At JuegoFootball, we believe in empowering players to take control of their football journey. Our app introduces a unique platform that allows players to track their football-related performance data effortlessly. With our integrated performance tracking tests, players can update their profiles with accurate and comprehensive information, showcasing their skills, strengths, and progress. This powerful tool ensures that talent is no longer confined by geography or limited access to resources. Every talented footballer, regardless of their location, can now have a fair chance to be discovered.

Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, our app takes scouting to unparalleled heights. The performance data collected is meticulously analyzed by our advanced algorithms, benchmarking players against the standards set by our esteemed partner clubs and academies. The result? Accurate and reliable ratings that provide a true reflection of a player’s potential. By eliminating bias and subjectivity, we ensure that talent shines purely on merit.

As we embark on this groundbreaking journey, we have initiated a beta testing phase in collaboration with exclusive partner clubs and academies. This collaborative effort allows us to fine-tune our app, ensuring seamless integration into the scouting process. Through these partnerships, we create a bridge between promising talent and established clubs, opening up unprecedented opportunities for aspiring players. This phase also allows us to gather invaluable feedback, ensuring that our app delivers precise results and an exceptional experience for players and scouts alike.

Unlocking Opportunities for Young Footballers

Soon, our app’s new feature will be available to the public in selected countries, unlocking a world of opportunities for talented footballers. We envision a future where geographical barriers are shattered, and the dream of becoming a professional footballer is within reach for all deserving players. Our commitment to democratizing talent discovery ensures that no gem goes unnoticed, bridging the gap between amateur and professional football.

Beyond talent identification, our app enhances subsequent phases of player evaluation, including trials and scouting programs. Partnered clubs and academies can utilize the performance data collected through our app as a valuable resource during their selection processes. This data driven approach equips clubs with the insights they need to make informed decisions, saving time and resources while unearthing hidden talents from the vast talent pool.

At JuegoFootball, we stand at the forefront of a revolution in football scouting. Our latest app feature is set to redefine talent discovery, empowering players and transforming their dreams into reality. With our app, the future of scouting talented young footballers is brighter than ever. Together, we are reshaping the world of football and paving the way for a new era of talent identification. Join us on this remarkable journey as we unleash the future of football scouting with JuegoFootball’s app.