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    Play football locally and get scouted globally with the juegofootball app. Grow your footballer
    profile and have it viewed by scouts and professional clubs.
    Unleash the footballer in you

The Juegofootball App

Using our app find, join & organize football games. Track and view your performance as well as rate the performance of your team mates. Work your way up the rankings among footballers in your city. All the footballer profiles on our app are shared with our partnered scouts and football clubs who are looking for the best talents.

Why Us?

Kick off your Pro football career

Start building your footballer profile by playing football and tracking your performance on the Juegofootball app. Dominate the game with your football and get voted man of the match. Get rated after every game and rise up in ranks. Let your football do all the talking and make yourself the next must sign player for the Scouts and clubs.

Make your own team or join the best teams

After the host of the game invites the number of players required, they can then sort the players as teams. Create and manage your team. Win matches with your team to be the best rated team in your city. Every team mate's performance in every game contributes to the ranking of your team. Like they say a successful team beats with one heart.


Play football anywhere with your team

Join a game whenever you want, wherever you want. Filter your preferences by location, opposition team and type of competition. Create and manage your team. Organize your own game with your team and against other teams.

The Juegofootball Community

We have created an online football community through an incentivized and gamified platform. Our football community is the generation shaping the culture of football, defining its tastes and trends. We are giving everyone a platform to be seen, to have a voice and influence their own football career.

Organize tournaments and leagues

Football event organizers can conduct football tournaments and leagues completely online using the Juegofootball app. Professionalise your tournaments & leagues with our app for scheduling, live score management and track top players in the events.


About Us

Young talented amateur footballers are the future of football. Their football careers should not be determined by the gut feeling of scouts, managers or coaches. There is a lot of passion, effort, time and training behind every aspiring footballer. But mostly they go unnoticed when these efforts are not seen by the ones searching for them or when they have lack of access to scouting resources based on the football ecosystem they are in.

Our vision at Juegofootball is to change this by allowing the football players to be in control. We want to place the power into their hands and be scouted for their effort and performance.

This is the reason we build the Juegofootball app to allow the football players to be scouted based on the data of their performance collected over a long period of time and not just one match or a single trial game like how it is done mostly in the present days. We want to empower every football player to unlock their potential and be recognized for their performance.

Juegofootballs vision is to create a football world where every young footballer gets equal opportunity regardless of background, age and place of birth. With Juegofootball every footballer can play locally and get scouted globally.

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