Unleash the footballer in you

Play football locally and get scouted globally with the juegofootball app. Grow your footballer profile and have it viewed by scouts and professional clubs.


Video Assessment

Our AI technology offers unparalleled video analysis, providing insights that even the keenest human eye might miss.

Skill Library

Access a collection of drills and exercises designed to target specific areas of improvement. Each exercise is accompanied by instructional videos for clear guidance.

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your improvement over time. Our app creates a skill development timeline, showcasing your journey from beginner to pro. Moreover, clubs also have the capability to analyze the development.

Build profile

Create an impressive football profile that highlights your journey, skills, and passion. Showcase your dedication to the game and increase your chances of standing out to scouts and teams.


Record Your Skills


AI Analysis


Get scouted by pro clubs

How It Works

Capture your football skills on video using your smartphone. Whether it's dribbling, shooting, or passing, our app records every move.

Our advanced AI technology goes to work, breaking down every detail of your performance frame by frame. It identifies strengths, areas for improvement, and provides personalized feedback.

Receive a comprehensive report that not only highlights your skills but also offers actionable insights. These insights are designed to help you enhance your game and elevate your performance.


About Us

At Juego Football, we're passionate about football and dedicated to helping players of all levels reach their full potential. Our team of experts and AI enthusiasts have combined their knowledge to create a platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide accurate and insightful skill assessments.

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